Crystal 60

“GEOL Crystal 60” packaging is designed to look like a pink gem mysteriously floating in the air. Enriched with gold colloid, the gold gel on the inner layer is an anti-aging gel and the boost gel on the outer layer is a moisturizing booster that enhances the permeation into the stratum corneum of emulsions and creams that may be applied later. A beauty gel with a new concept that can simultaneously achieve two beauty goals. Features a refreshing texture yet also a satisfying moisturized feel after application. This eye-pleasing, unique and functional container shape is the result of two-agent technology that was developed by GEOL using the characteristic s of gold colloid. This is the one and only cosmetic product in the world that was created through long years of gold colloid research.

Suitability: For all skin types

Product Expiry Date: Jul 2022



Brand Story: In 1957, at a time where beauty is beyond the grasp of the means of achieving them, Geol™ started their first reach for the stars in Nara, Japan. The founder Gentaro Okamura started the first product, Geol™ Deluxe, to invigorate the people who seek to be a better self in the challenging times. The product is a breakthrough at the time, an emulsion enriched with gold nano colloid. Through the support of customers from all walks of life, Geol™ products has steadily grown but never leaving the people who supported them behind. Today these are not customers, they are friends of Geol™ whom Geol™ repay their support with products, a trust that has not blemish in the face of time. AC partnered with Geol™ because Geol™ is the essence of AC beliefs. A hidden gem, easily forgotten and buried in the extravagant world of today. A brand with a humble beginning, which never forgets the core of what it belief in the temptation of corporate greed and profits. Together, AC and Geol™ wish to create a health ecosystem of businesses for a better future.

Brand Website: Geol Cosmetics