[$8.88 HUAT SET] Face Expert Set

For over 40 years Manicare has been the market leader in essential beauty tools & accessories. With an unparalleled range of face, body, feet, hand & nail tools, we're committed to providing you with a top quality, trusted daily beauty kit.



1. Artiste Foundation Brush


A foundation brush for liquid or cream foundations.



2. Artiste Concealer Brush


Concealer brush is designed for the gentle and non-clumping application of concealer for longer lasting wear. Its tightly packed synthetic bristles allow for ease of application on blemishes and contours of the eyes for complete coverage.



3. Artiste Powder Brush


The powder brush is perfect for larger areas and jobs such as setting or blending powders. Its shape is ideal to apply loose powder over the face evenly and smoothly.



4. Manicare Makeup Mirror


Manicare Make up Mirror is another product in the Manicare's beauty accessories range that is a must for every girl's extra essentials. The mirror is compact and neatly folds away, which makes it perfect for your handbag or for your travel bag.



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