1. How do I become a BlackBox member?

All you have to do is sign up here, which will only take less than 3 minutes to do so. Do provide us with accurate information to ensure you receive updates and orders from us. You will get immediate membership access, and can start shopping with us as a member.


2. Can I make a purchase without being a BlackBox member?

Yes, you can still make a purchase without being a member. However, our complimentary sampling kits are exclusively for members only.


3. Damn, I've forgotten my password!

No worries, you are all covered. Just click on the Forgotten Your Password link on the Login page, and we'll send you a new set of password via email. You are free to change that complicated string of password after in My Account > My Profile page.


4. How do I update my existing particulars? 

Sign in using your email address and password, click 'Howdy (Your name)' at the top right corner of the screen. You can start editing your details by clicking on the EDIT icon on the right of every sub-section.




1. What are your delivery options and charges like?

  • Normal Mail option is at $0.
  • Registered Mail option is charged at $3 per pack or box. In other words, if you purchase 3 boxes, the delivery fee for that checkout will be $9 ($3 x 3 boxes). 
  • Courier option is charged at a flat fee of $5.50 no matter how many boxes you end up purchasing. To save on postage, we recommend that you opt for this option if your Registered Mail fee exceeds $6.
  • But hey, great news! We will waive off the delivery charge if your purchase is above $50. 


2. How do I know my purchase is confirmed?

Check your email inbox! We will send you a confirmation email with the attached Order Invoice after every sucessful purchase. And of course we hope it isn't sent to your Junk or Spam inbox. To ensure all our emails get to your inbox safely, do mark us as 'Not Spam' or 'Not Junk'.


3. I've ordered the items. When will I receive them?

Give us some time to process and pack your order. You should receive it within the next 10 working days. 


4. What happens if my order doesn't come at all?

When that really happens, do not hesistate to drop us an email and let us know what happen. Your concerns are ours too!


5. Do you ship outside of Singapore?

Unfortunately we don't, but we are definitely working towards that option! 




1. Are your products and samples listed authentic?

Yes, we only list products and samples from authorized distributors and brand owners.


2. Why is there a limit to the number of samples I can redeem?

BlackBox believes in responsible sampling. To ensure our subscribers get an equal chance of trying out a certain product or sample, we may impose a capacity limit on the number of samples that you can redeem.


3. Do you offer gift vouchers?

No, but you can pick samples or Exclusive BlackBoxes as gifts for your friends and have it delivered to them instead. Do note that each order can only be sent to one location. For example, if you are planning to send gifts to 3 friends, you will need to checkout the 3 orders separately.


4. How do I know whether the products are suitable for me?

We do not know either, which is why you really should try out the samples first!