[$8.88 HUAT SET] Her Time Of The Month Set

1. Lafre Secret Garden’s Sanitary Pad



(a) Day Use: 24.5cm- 10pcs

(b) Night Use: 29.0cm- 5pcs

(c) Extra Long: 33.5cm- 5pcs

(d) Panty Liner: 15.5cm- 20pcs

Individual Pack

(e) Day Use: 24.5cm- 5pcs

(f) Night Use: 29.0cm- 5pcs

(g) Extra Long: 35.0cm- 5pcs

- Our sanitary napkins are embedded with a Far Infrared Anion and Nanosilver chip that emits Negative ions, which are beneficial to our health

- Do not contain bleaching agents like chorine, dioxin and other toxic chemicals

- Ultra-thin 1mm design and advanced breathable membrane base for extra comfort and circulation

- Super absorbent elements from Japan, excellent fluid retention prevent leakage



2. P'lette Toilet Seat Covers | 2pcs


The ideal solution for public restroom needs. Convenient and clean for your guests, customers and staffs.

- 100% Flushable

- Hygienic & Anti-Bacterial Protection

- 100% Eco-Friendly, Dissolves in Water

- Convenient & Compact 



3. Panda Baby Wet Wipes | 2pcs


- Advance Formulated Neonatal wipes

- Thick & Soft Sheets

- Fragrance-Free

- Alcohol-Free

- Soap-Free

- Upgraded Comfort For Your Gentle Baby

- Specially Catered for Newborn Baby

- Quality Grade Satin produced from Raw Silk imported from Netherlands

- 9x Ultra-Purified Water (99.96% Purity)



Suitability: For all skin type

Product Expiry Date:  3 years

Brand Website:

Lafre Sanitary Pad

Toilet Seat Cover and Panda Baby Wet Wipes 

Lafre Secret Garden’s Anion Sanitary Pad

Certified by ISO9001 and International SGS Quality Assurance.

Panda Baby Wet Wipes

FDA – Passed the US FDA food-grade safety testing certification

CE – Passed the EU CE food grade safety testing certification

ROHS – Passed the international authority SGS quality testing certification

SGS – Passed the international authority SGS quality testing certification