Skincare Set

1. South Sea Pearl Cream | 50ml


South Sea Pearl™ cream contains pearl essence enriched with vitamins and minerals, essential for skin vitality and collagen that firms and plumps. Wheat and placenta extract work with bio-active ingredients to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and royal jelly helps to soften and revitalize skin. This synergistic combination of ingredients leaves the skin radiant, soft, smooth and plump.

Suitability: Suitable for all skin types and is especially effective for younger skin that is showing premature signs of aging.

Product Expiry Date: 12/9/2021



2. Hair Expert Nutrition Serum | 50ml


Shine & Protection with Sunscreen! An advanced formula uniquely created by Lanopearl. Providing an instant shine and long-lasting protection through the addition of sunscreen to its concentrated formulation. Hair Expert Nutrition Serum prevents split or broken ends and most importantly leaves the hair frizz-free and silky soft all day long.

Product Expiry Date: 10/31/2021



3. Bio Peak Aromatic Facial Mask | 100ml

An exclusive blend of natural clays and plant extracts penetrates deeply to draw out pore-blocking impurities and remove excess oils. Witch hazel and eucalyptus cleanse and purify pores for a firm, refined skin, whilst ginkgo extract helps rehydrate the skin maintaining its moisture balance.

Product Expiry Date: May 2021



4. Mt Retour Cosy Sleep Certified Organic Roll On Blend | 10ml


A calming blend for rest and good sleep.  A soothing blend to promote deep relaxation.  Ideal for preparing the body & mind for a long good night sleep.

Product Expiry Date: 3/17/2022



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