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Exclusive Box - Dr. Med. Christine Schrammek

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1. Moisture Intense Ampoules (7 x 2ml)
The synergistic blend of low and high-molecule hyaluronic acid for an intensive supply of the skin and perfect protection from loss of moisture. Leaving your skin plumped and hydrated without a sticky and heavy feeling. (With retractable cover/cap to prevent wastage, per ampoule can use up to 3 applications)
Retail Size and Price: 7 x 2ml, $109

2. Herbal Care Lotion (50ml)
With selected herbal extracts and panthenol calm, the lotion refreshes and hydrates the skin after cleansing. This lotion is excellently suited for even the most sensitive skin, leaving it soft and comfortable.
Retail Size and Price: 200ml, $89

3. Sensiderm Cleansing Solution (20ml)
The innovative 3-in-1 cleansing product with micellar technology gently removes light make-up and functioning as a tonic concurrently. Due to its special cleansing technology, it is especially suitable for cleansing even the most sensitive and irritated skin. It leaves your skin refreshing, soft and comfortable.
Retail Size and Price: 200ml, $79

4. Blemish Balm (1ml x each shade. Light, Classic, Honey)
The parent of all BB creams, specially developed more than 50 years ago to treat blemished, irritated and sensitive skin with its anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial effects. Redness and impurities subsides more quickly and can be perfectly concealed with its coverage. It also calms and helps to reduce itching. Most importantly, the parent of all BB creams will never clog pores.
Retail Size and Price: 30ml, $109

Schrammek Derma cosmetics skincare series offers a complete range of high-tech products for various skin conditions and problems, with all products being dermatologically developed. Most of the products are true innovators, such as the BB cream, which we invented. The reputable company is based in Germany. 

Under the supervision of trained dermatologist Dr. med. Christine Schrammek-Drusio a compact, professional cosmetics range has been developed with the declared goal of helping skin restore its healthy, beautiful complexion. Starting with the care of normal skin to effective hydration and including solutions for special skin problems, this skincare series offers very efficient cosmetic formulas.

Special focus has always been on the development of anti-aging products. This segment represents a huge challenge, as the important thing here is the protection of the skin and correcting the first visible signs of skin aging. At the same time caring for impure skin or skin with a tendency towards problems, as well as sensitive skin, is particularly important to Dr. med. Christine Schrammek-Drusio. Healthy skin reflects the wellbeing of a person, and that is why the goal of the dermatological cosmetics of Dr. med. Christine Schrammek-Drusio is finding specific solutions for a wide range of skin problems. Developed by a dermatologist for problem skin.

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1. Moisture Intense Ampoules
Apply sufficiently after cleanser and toner, before moisturiser with light massage techniques
For treatment purposes: Use daily
For maintenance purposes: Use every 2-3 days
Suitable for day and/or night use

2. Herbal Care Lotion
Apply gently every morning and night after cleansing with a cotton pad onto your face and neck
For a special refreshing experience, keep product in fridge.
May be used for eye compresses

3. Sensiderm Cleansing Solution
Cleansing gently every morning and night with a cotton pad onto your face and neck, Not necessary to rinse with water.

4. Blemish Balm
Apply onto face and neck after skincare routines for coverage, as a cosmetic
For treatment purposes: use product daily and nightly before sleep





Feels refreshing after using

Leaving soft & comfortable skin

Perfect Protection

Overall effectiveness

Will recommend this

Feels refreshing after using

Leaving soft & comfortable skin

Perfect Protection

Overall effectiveness

Will recommend this


What Burqq Chua Likes About This?


Love it! Really keeps my skin hydrated and refreshed especially in this dry weather!

What Sally Lem Likes About This?





Using Dr Med's moisture intense daily gives me smooth and hydrated skin!

What Abbey Yeo Likes About This?


Really love this full set from Dr. Med, especially the ampoules. It's like a power pump that helps maintain my skin's moisture balance!

more please


Megan Cheong

What I like about this product:

Feels refreshing after using Leaving soft & comfortable skin Perfect Protection Overall effectiveness Will recommend this

My first time trying this brand. Seems quite effective? So far my face feels pretty good from using this set.

Cass Tan

What I like about this product: