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Exclusive Set - GER bayer

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1. Hyaluronic Acid Essence (Syringe) | 5ml

GER Bayer Hydrating Essence is known as the non-invasive Skin Booster treatment. It contains Hyaluronic Acid which can penetrate 5mm deep into layers of skin  which many products aren’t able to do other than the injection Skin Booster Treatment which is painful and more expensive. GER Bayer Hydrating Essence is pain-free. 5 consecutive days of usage will give you the same hydrated glow skin result as the injection Skin Booster treatment for a fraction of a price. 

Effectively resolves dehydrated skin, deeply awakens skin cells and increase elasticity of skin. Helps brighten skin tone and reduce pigmentations. 

GER Bayer contains 100, 000 tiny molecules to penetrate into skin effectively for deep hydration. It also helps for better absorption for skin care applied after. 

Benefits of GER Bayer Hydrating Essence:

  • Hydrate skin
  • Reduce Fine Lines
  • Heals and Prevents Acne
  • Lighten Scars and Evens Out Skin Tone 
  • Brighten Complexion 

Retail Size and Price: 5ml, $28
Suitability: All Skin Types, including dehydrated, aging, sensitive, eczemic and acne-prone skin.
No. of days usage: It is recommended to use 1 whole syringe consecutively for 5 days.
Once opened, please place unused serum in refrigerator. You can only keep it for 3 days.
Where to buy: @Thebeautybarsg on Instagram 
Product Expiry Date: July 2021

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2. Polypeptide Hydrating Silk Mask  | 30ml

Wondering what GER Bayer's mask can do for you? Here are six benefits of the Polypeptide Hydrating Silk Mask:

Whitening blemishes
Frequently apply a mask to hydrate and brighten skin tone
It inhibits melanin production and can whiten and whiten.

Delaying the production of fine lines
The mask can be applied to the face to gently tighten the skin, increase the tension, and at the same time hydrate the water, make the muscles fuller, and the wrinkles will stretch out accordingly. [Joyful] small dry lines are invisible, large The deep wrinkles appear small, and the whole face looks young.

Promote skin detoxification
Apply mask to help detoxify your skin
With weather problems, age, skin metabolism slows down, the mask can increase the surface temperature of the skin, expand the pores and accelerate the discharge of grease and dirt in the pores.

Improves skin texture
Applying a mask is equivalent to giving the skin a protective layer of sebum, which can resist the evaporation of water inside the skin, restore the hydration and elasticity of the skin surface, and increase the temperature of the skin. The waste within the skin is also discharged, so the mask can be used to improve the skin's overall quality.

Repairs skin
Applying GER Bayer's mask can help repair damaged skin and help improve discoloration, aging and other problems in the skin.

Persistently lock in moisture
Apply a moist mask to your face. The substance in the mask will wrap the skin tightly, separating the skin from the outside air, allowing the water to slowly penetrate into the stratum corneum of the epidermis, so the skin will soften and increase elasticity as well as hydration.

Retail Size and Price: 30ml x 5 masks, $35
Suitability: All Skin Types, including dehydrated, aging, sensitive, eczemic and acne-prone skin.
No. of days usage: 1 mask for 1 usage
Where to buy: @Thebeautybarsg on Instagram 
Product Expiry Date: July 2021

For more information, click HERE


1. Cleanse your face thoroughly
2. Apply your favourite toner
3. Apply 1/3 of GER Bayer's Hyaluronic Acid Essence and massage into skin in a circular motion until 80% dry
4. Use GER Bayer's Polypeptide Hydrating Silk Mask
5. RInse off after 10-15 minutes
6. Apply another 1/3 of the essence in a circular motion until 80% dry
7. Apply the remaining 1/3 of the essence in a circluar motion until 50% dry
8. Top it off with moisturiser






Moisturizing effect

Easily absorbed into the skin

Minimises pores

Oil control properties

No fragrance or alcohol or colourants

Moisturizing effect

Easily absorbed into the skin

Minimises pores

Oil control properties

No fragrance or alcohol or colourants


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What I like about this product:

Easily absorbed into the skin

great product!