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Exclusive Pack - Dr. Young For Oily Skin Set

$32.90/pack (U.P $76.60) – Earn 6 points for every pack purchased.

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1. AC Out Spot Toner With Herb Complex | 120ml

Ac out spot toner contains green and white tea that protect skin; 5 herbs that prevent spread of irritated spots; tea tree oil that soothes irritated skin. Green Tea & White Tea prevents skin damage while Tea Tree Oil, Salicylic Acid and Triclosn soothe irritated areas. Spot Toner’s five different herb extracts control sebum.
Retail Price: 120ml, $36.90

2. 2P Blemish Base SPF 35 PA++ | 30ml
Moist BB cream which makes skin look brighter and natural with its great adhesion to skin and light texture. Peach colored BB cream provides clear skin tone with UVA/UVB protection. 
Shade: Pink Beige
Retail Price: 30ml, $27.90

3. Refreshing Spring Showers Mask (Damyang Bamboo)  | 2pcs
Bamboo extracts from Damyang, which are rich in mineral and Portulaca Oleracea Extract and has a strong will to survive, refresh up and moisturize skin. Flavonoid from Adansonia Digitata Leaf Extract, which is called a mysterious tree in Africa, and Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract soothes sensitive skin which is irritated internally and externally.
Retail Price: Per sheet (20ml), $5.90

Where to buy: www.dr-young.com.sg

Our skin is multi-layered structure, and young healthy skin is achieved by the harmonious interaction of each layer. Dr. Young’s Moisture and Skin Oil Balance is an effective indicator for the age of the skin’s epidermis and corneum, while an optimum Amino Balance enhances each layer’s connective tissue and keeps the skin smooth and elastic. Dr. Young believe skin rejuvenation elevates each female individual’s confidence and pride. For this reason, Dr. Young products are PURE cosmetics producing REAL changes and differences through VERIFIED ingredients and methods only. 

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1. AC Out Spot Toner With Herb Complex 
Apply small amount using cotton swab or cosmetic cotton to troubled skin area after thorough cleansing. 
Once a day (or more), depending on extent of skin trouble.
May used on specific areas where acnes/pimples often breakout.
Dry skin/Combination skin may use however to apply on specific area instead of the whole face.

2. 2P Blemish Base SPF35 PA++​​
Apply moderate amount on entire face after basic skin care.

3. Refreshing Spring Showers Mask (Damyang Bamboo)
After using toner/essence, gently unfold mask. Apply mask over face, adjusting on eyes and nose area first, then overall face to fit. Leave on for 10 to 20 minutes, than remove gently. Massage remaining  essence into skin.





Selection of products

Control sebum by Toner

Coverage of BB Cream

Overall effectiveness

Will recommend this

Selection of products

Control sebum by Toner

Coverage of BB Cream

Overall effectiveness

Will recommend this


What Sophia Lee Likes About This?


The triple action bb cream is my must have daily basis now. High in spf and with full coverage 👍


Vicky Tan

What I like about this product:

Selection of products Control sebum by Toner Coverage of BB Cream Overall effectiveness

Bought this for my friend who is a fan of Dr. Young products. Good reviews from her.