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Exclusive Set - All-In-One Skincare Regime

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1. DrGL¬ģ Toner Antiaging | 100ml

Toner Anti-Aging removes the last traces of stubborn makeup and impurities after cleansing to revitalise, stimulate and firm your skin. Lightweight but so effective that it can stand in for your anti-aging moisturiser on hot and humid days when even the thought of another layer on skin in unbearable. An essential product for the face and body to complete the cleansing regime for those with dry or mature skin.
Where to buy:¬†DrGL¬ģ Beauty Counters at Robinsons The Heeren, Robinsons Raffles City, Robinsons JEM,¬† Sephora ION, escentials TANGS, escentials Paragon, DrSpa¬ģ DrHair¬ģ, DrGL.com
Retail Size and Price: 100ml, $108
Brand Website: www.DrGL.com
Product Expiry Date: Apr 2020

DrGL¬ģ¬†is a range of bespoke skincare by celebrity Dr Georgia Lee. The proprietary skincare range infuses science into effective skincare and is dedicated to different skin types. Eschewing the mass for a carefully crafted selection of premium quality products, DrGL¬ģ offers the modern busy individual maximum efficacy, minimum fuss.

2. Pera Skincare Luminous Bright Skin Lightening Treatment Essence | 30g 
Formulated with SnowRosyComplex, an innovative active ingredient derived from the stem cell of rare and resilient Swiss Alpine Rose, this product contains special epigenetic factors and metabolites to preserve the function of human skin stem cells. Bring in the powerful lightening properties of Liquorice root and Vitamin PP, this product is your perfect choice for maintaining a truly vibrant, bright and healthy look.

Where to buy: www.peraskincare.com or Design Orchard
Retail Size and Price: 30g, $98
Suitability: For all skin type, male and female
Product expiry: June 2020

PERA is the world's FIRST premium skin care brand inspired by Peranakan & The Straits' beauty traditions. It is culturally created in Singapore, at the heart of the Malacca Straits. PERA marries Eastern and Western natural skin care treatments with the purest and rarest natural ingredients carefully curated from around the world. For more information, click HERE.

3. Water Angel Snail Moisturising Mask | 1 sheet
Moisturize, Wrinkle repair, leaving your skin shiny and bright. The masks specially contains an extract from snail which helps keep moisture, lessen acne scars and lines, repair UV-induced damages and give smoothness to the skin. The licorice prolongs the signs of ageing and repairs dead cells. The chamomile extract enhances elasticity and strength of the tissue while Trehalose provides treatment deep into the molecular level.
Where to buy: 7/11, Lazada, Beauticool
Retail size and price: 1 sheet, $3.00
Product Expiry Date: 2 Apr 2022

4. Gentle Eye Make-Up Remover Pads | 30 soft pads
Gentle Eye Make-Up Remover Pads offer a very gentle, fragrance-free formula infused onto 100% cotton pads. These ultra-soft pads gently dissolve all traces of eye make-up, including waterproof mascara from the delicate eye area. It can also remove long-wearing lipsticks.
Suitability: For all skin types 
Where to buy: myCK department store
Retail size and price: 30 soft pads, $1.80
Product Expiry Date: 14 Apr 2020

5. EVERSOFT Bamboo Charcoal & Cucumber Facial Cleansing Foam | 15g
This new facial foam contains 100% Organic Cucumber Actives that aids in skin lightening and prevents pigmentation. It is also formulated with Activated Bamboo Charcoal that has natural anti-bacterial properties, extracting impurities, toxins and excess sebum from the skin. Its Anti-Pollutant formula helps remove environmental pollutant (PM2.5) that can cause pre-mature aging, skin dryness, dullness and sensitivity.

Where to buy: Available at all leading supermarkets, hypermarkets and selected beauty stores.
Retail Size and Price: Available in 100g ($5.20), 130g ($5.90) & 170g ($7.60) 
Product Expiry Date: 3 years from MFG date.

1.¬†DrGL¬ģ Toner Antiaging¬†
Use twice daily after cleansing. For maximum efficacy, apply the lotion onto a cotton pad and gently wipe over face and body, paying special attention to often neglected areas such as over the eyelids and the back of the neck. Follow up with DrGL¬ģ Post Cleanser Step 2, a proprietary DrGL¬ģ skincare step to prep skin for skincare steps that follow.

2. Luminous Bright Skin Lightening Treatment Essence
Apply over thoroughly cleansed and toned face and neck every morning and evening.

3. Water Angel Snail Moisturising Mask
Step 1: 
Start with clean hands and cleanse your face with lukewarm water.
Step 2: Gently place the mask over your entire face using your fingertips to smooth the mask in place and simply relax for 15-20 minutes.
Step 3: Remove mask and discard. Any extra serum can be washed off or gently pressed into the skin. Once your face absorbs the extracts, continue your beauty routine.

4. Gentle Eye Make-Up Remover Pads 
Open the resealable label, pull out the pad and reseal the pack to keep pads moist. Close resealable label completely to prevent pads from drying. Do not flush. Dispose of in a waste container. If irritation occurs, stop use and consult a physician if necessary.

5. EVERSOFT Bamboo Charcoal & Cucumber Facial Cleansing Foam 
Squeeze foam onto palm and lather with water. Massage gently onto face and splash clean.





Love the combinations in this set

Value for money

Convenient way to try the various brands

Overall effectiveness

Will recommend this

Love the combinations in this set

Value for money

Convenient way to try the various brands

Overall effectiveness

Will recommend this


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Love this set! Especially when I get to try out the various brands!


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Convenient way to try the various brands