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Valentine's Day - For Him Set

Shower him with all your love this February 14th with this exquisite gift box! $14/set (U.P $84.30) - Earn 2 points for every box purchased

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1. D-Mask Dual Balancing Mask | 1 sheet mask
DMASK allows skin to breathe with a range of features to address individual skin concerns. DMASK specializes in high functional masks and anti-pollution line. DMASK products are formulated with the most effective ingredients to provide the best possible solution for skin problem. All products are designed from the aesthetic and functional point of view that can be sold immediately. It is competitive enough to improve the brand quality by its product only. No matter when, weather, before the make-up, bedtime, or while sleeping, it always gives you the opportunity to have the better skin for tomorrow.
Where to buy: Guardian
Retail Size and Price: 22ml, $5.90 each

2. ZNIQUE Acne Serum | 2ml
Driven by their belief of Less is More, this is the only ALL-IN-ONE solution you need to combat Acne effectively. ZNIQUE strongly believe that the journey towards better looking skin should not be plagued with nasty side effects such as drying, peeling & redness. Therefore, Znique dropped the usual acne-treating ingredients such as Benzoyl Peroxide, Salicylic Acid and/or Sulphur in our formulation. ZNIQUE Acne Serum boasts a 100% botanical-based formulation with ingredients sourced directly from Switzerland. Its triple-effect action relieves the discomforts of Acne & kills acne-causing bacteria within 2 HOURS of application! (Clinically Proven) Where to buy: Available at all Nishino Pharmacies (Shaw House, Takashimaya, Westgate and Liang Court) 
Retail Size and Price: 15ml, $26

3. Firming Super Facialist (Illuminate Eye Cream) l 15ml
Bring back youth and radiance to the delicate eye area with illuminate Eye Cream. With moisture boosting Hyaluronic Acid, a proven firming tetrapeptide and vitamin-rich Shea Butter, the cream is designed to infuse the skin with intense hydration whilst helping to smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Caffeine extract further helps to combat puffiness to leave the delicate eye area looking refreshed, smoother and firmer. Firms, lifts and hydrates the eye contour. Helps reduce the appearance of expression lines and wrinkles.
Where to buy: www.superfacialist-sg.com
Retail Size and Price: 15ml, $46

4. Himalaya Herbals Olive Extra Moisturizing Cream | 50ml
Lightweight and hydrating, the Himalaya Olive Extra Nourishing Cream combines the richness of Olive Butter fortified by proprietary Plant Ceramides to deliver the perfect skincare companion for dry skin. The cream provides long-lasting moisture with deep nourishment.
Where to buy: Watsons, Guardian, Mustafa, Himalaya Boutique at Far East Plaza #02-47, Redmart
Retail Size and Price: 50ml, $6.50

5. African Dawn Rooibos Tea | 40 Tea Bags
As a caffeine-free, low- tannin beverage full of natural anti-oxidants, Rooibos reminds us how good a healthy lifestyle can taste. Research in South Africa and America has shown Rooibos may contribute to reducing cancer, heart disease, allergies (eg. Asthma, hayfever, eczema) premature aging and other serious conditions. As more and more people suffer from hypertension- also known as high blood pressure- Rooibos has been proven to reduce this life-threatening condition and help people live a healthy normal life.
Retail Size and Price: 40 tea bags, $16

6. ZA Men Ultimate Recharge Gentle Scrub | 100g
A mud scrub cleanser that contains energy capsules and taurine. It eliminates skin fatigue and revitalizes the skin. It has high cleansing performance that removes pollutants X Hybrid facial cleanser, boosting your energy after.
Where to buy: Selected Watsons stores
Retail Size and price: 100g, $9.90

1. D-Mask Dual Balancing Mask
How to use: Gently cleanse and tone the skin. Place the T-zone mask sheet evenly to the skin. Place the U-zone mask sheet evenly to the skin. Remove mask after 20 to 20 minutes and massage remaining product into face and neck.

2. Znique acne serum
How to use: Upon application, the natural actives exhibits a triple-action mode into skin, providing fast-acting relief whilst taking down the acne-causing bacteria. The serum also keeps out external aggressions by forming an invisible layer over the affected areas.  

3. Firming Super Facialist (Illuminate Eye Cream) l 15ml
How to use: Smooth the tiniest amount gently over the eye contour each morning and evening as the last step in your skincare routine.

4. Himalaya Herbals Olive Extra Moisturizing Cream | 50ml
How to use: Apply gently over face and neck twice daily.

5. African Dawn Rooibos Tea
How to use:
1. Place 1 tea bag in cup and fill the cup with freshly boiled water
2. Steep for 3-5 mins, depending on how thick you want it to be.
3. Serve with or without milk, and/or sugar.

6. ZA Men Ultimate Recharge Gentle Scrub
How to use:
Squeeze a small amount on to palm and work into a lather using cool or lukewarm water. Gently massage over face in circular motion. Rinse thoroughly.









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