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Mascara – A Girl’s Best Friend

BY ABBEY YEO | 24 Dec 14 Comments

There are many schools of thought – that eyeliner and lipstick are the essentials of a girl’s makeup bag. I beg to differ. So, you can tell, I am a mascara kind of girl. When it comes to the topic of mascara I can talk about it for days on end. If you are a mascara junkie like myself, you know what I’m talking about. A good formula that doesn’t smudge, lasts all day, lengthens and volumizes without clumps. That, and a good mascara wand that reaches even the tiniest lash to coat it. I found it in the Za x Betty Boop Killer Volume Mascara.

It is no secret that Za makes pretty good drugstore mascara. The brand offers a-to-z products to draw your potential to the maximum for more radiant beauty. I had been using Za’s mascara for years before starting to switch around to fancier ones that claim to do this and that or more. Trying Za x Betty Boop Killer Volume Mascara brought me home to the very basics of what I always wanted in a mascara, déjà vu. It does what it says (without all the bells and whistles that will disappoint eventually).



If you do not have Kardashian lashes and are looking for a good and affordable mascara to brighten up your peepers, try the Za x Betty Boop Killer Volume Mascara. BlackBox and the Za team have put together a Hey Betty, I’m on a vacay! box, that includes the Za x Betty Boop Killer Volume Mascara and travel size products of the following:

  1. AQUALABEL Reset White Mask
  2. AQUALABEL White up Emulsion
  3. AQUALABEL Aqua Enhancer
  4. MA CHERIE Shampoo and Conditioner 


Perfect for the girl on the go, now you just need to pick up sunblock and you are ready to go!


This box is available at the e-store at only $19.90 (U.P $43.35). 

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