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Armenian Street Festival: a Night of Peranakan Nostalgia

BY YINGYING LI | 11 Mar 19 Comments

Armenian Street Festival by Peranakan Museum is back this March with tasty sedap Peranakan cuisine and jazzed-up joget dances! What’s better than a night of distinctly Straits-style celebrations to let down your hair after a long work week?

The Festival will be on 15th and 16th of March, 6pm-9pm. There you will have the opportunity to grab tasty bites at the Tok Panjang on the street, or even visit the bazaar for one-of-a-kind collectibles.

This may also be your last chance to visit the Peranakan Museum before it closes its doors for renovation from 18 March 2019 onwards. The Museum explores the art and culture of Peranakan communities in Southeast Asia, and possesses one of the finest and most comprehensive public collections of Peranakan objects. Join the celebration of this vibrant culture as the whole street comes alive for a farewell party under the stars.



The origin of the Peranakan goes back to as early as the 15th Century, when traders from all over the ancient world came Southeast Asia to exchange their goods for the exotic products of this region, many foreign merchants settled here and married local women. This contributed to the development of a vibrant, hybrid Peranakan culture which has flourished and become an intrinsic part of Southeast Asian culture.

However, such opportunities like the Armenian Street Festival that allow us to fully immerse in the Peranakan culture is getting rarer. Progress of modern Singapore leaves little space for age-old traditional practices, while globalization diminishes the Peranakan identity, especially for the younger generation. Some say we are losing touch with our heritage.


Fortunately, some businesses today are finding new ways to preserve and promote Peranakan culture. They infuse traditional beliefs and practices with modern technology to develop new products that we can use in our daily life. The Singaporean skincare brand PERA is one such example.

Inspired by Peranakan's mixed culture and their natural way of living, PERA was founded to marry nature and science, heritage and modernity, Asian and Western traditions. Its products are developed based on extensive research on folk medicine and traditional use of the ingredients. Inspired by the mixed heritage of Peranakan, PERA products are blended with fusional ingredients sourced globally from areas from the rainforests of Malaysia to the Swiss Alps.

One example is their Bedak Sejuk, which is a powder made from rice and the Pandan Leaf. The powder cools the skin and prevents pimples and promotes a healthy and flawless complexion.



The Bedak Sejuk Fusion Mask is one innovative product developed from this powder. Besides the skin-brightening effect of the enzyme rice powder, the mask also draws out excess sebum & leaves a cooling effect on the skin. A peel-off essence gel rejuvenates the skin and combats signs of aging and increase skin elasticity. In just 25 minutes, this unique two-step mask routine results in smoother, brighter & healthier skin.

The Mask is used in two steps. The first step is mixing 2-3 scoops of enzyme rice powder with water, applying the formed paste evenly on the face and leaving it for 5 minutes. The second step is applying 2-3 scoops of peel-off essence gel, leaving it on for 20 minutes or longer, and lastly removing the film and rinsing off the excess.

Good news! You can get Bedak Sejuk Fusion Mask and two other PERA products, Age Miracle Cream Moisturiser and Luminous Bright Skin Lightening Treatment Essence on our website now. What miracle would the traditional Peranakan ingredients work for your skin? Try it out today!

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