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5 Lippie Brands To Rock This Season- THE BOLD & UNAPOLOGETIC EDITION

BY ALICIA TAY | 25 Feb 19 Comments

Labelled the Timeless and classic, a red lipstick is a beauty staple that never fades in trend. The experts of red lip wearers know only too well the power, confidence, and elegance it can bring with the vigor of a punchy pout. Audrey Hepburn once said that “On a bad day, there is always lipsticks”. Here, we explore the red trends that is universally fit for all skin tones and tie in the elements of sexiness and boldness we are completely unapologetic about.


1. Huda Beauty- Incredibly feathery

With just one coat, its pigmented yet lightweight liquid substance is more than adequate to spread and completely fill your lip in. They hold for up to 6 hours without contact with food or drinks, or 4 hours otherwise. What’s best about this novelty is that unlike other mattifying lipsticks, the huda does its job like a perfectionist and abstains from stealing the moisture on your lips. Instead, they leave them soft and smooth without a crease or emphasis on your lip lines. This is the innovative formula that merges in moisture and color flexibility in one go.

Editor’s Picks: ‘Gossip Girl’, ‘Trophy Wife’, ‘Cheerleader’ and ‘Video Star’

Where to buy: Sephora


Photo courtesy: Huda beauty



2. MAC- The ICONIC red

With over a hundred immensely pigmented hues, MAC cosmetics is one of those established and iconic brands that is perpetually in the business.  In a black, sleek and chic looking plastic capsule, these sophisticated lippies are the ones you would spend a good 30 minutes admiring how it blends in just right on your vanity table. A recent retro matte lipstick range in 7 shades was introduced, and ‘Ruby Woo’ is arguably the most famous red lipstick shade with its long-lasting formula, and true color payoff. All hail to our Queen, even Rihanna has proclaimed loyalty for this iconic shade in many occasions and MAC has sent over her very own exclusive lipstick labelled, ‘Riri Woo’.

Editor’s picks: Ruby woo, Lady danger, Velvet Teddy

Where to buy: Sephora, MAC outlets, Tangs


3. Georgio Armani-The Working Class

A Premium brand with the innovation of  lipsticks that are universally flattering, and is  the one that empowers every working class lady who owns a shade. Its compact packaging also makes it handy, you would slip it in your makeup pouch and give your lips a quickfix before your next business meeting.

Editor’s Picks: Fil Rouge, Glow, Fatale

Where to buy: Sephora, Robinsons, Tangs

Photo Courtesy: Pinterest


4. NARS- Blatantly Seductive

The ‘audacious lipstick’ launch has brought upon a substantial depth to its collection. Characterized by a rich color payoff and a creamy finishing, NARS ‘audacious’ executes a bold performance on the lips and glides on the skin like satin. In just a single stroke, it works to give you a pouty, luscious lip that is blatantly seductive.

Editor’s Picks: Lana, Jeanne, Deborah

Where to buy: Saks Fifth Avenue, Nars, Sephora

Photo Courtesy: Pinterest

5. Peri Pera- Ink The Velvet

Of course, we do not leave aside the beauty of Korean line of makeup products. In an extremely affordable price range, the PeriPera line has introduced ‘The Ink velvet’ lip tints that are extra creamy and way more pigmented than the ‘Airy ink velvet’ line. These are the ones you can incorporate in your daily make-up routine if you seek the perfect blend of mattifying effect with long-lasting moisture and consistency.


Editor’s Picks: Inktude Rose, Inkrush Orange, So Grapefruit

Where to buy: Shopee, lazada

Photo courtesy: Pinterest



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