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10 Beauty Hacks to Try Now

BY ABBEY YEO | 08 Jan 15 Comments



We ladies need to know makeup hacks that can make our lives easier. Here are a few tips and tricks which you can consider using in your everyday routine!


1. Need to plump your lips? Try dabbing peppermint oil after your lip gloss application. Voila, you now have fuller lips that you always craved for.


2. Use white eyeliner on your lower lids to make your eyes pop after a tired day.


3. To make your lipstick last after application, apply a bit of talc after one application and layer the color once more on top.


4. Use your lip gloss to add color to your cheeks and eyelids.


5. Make your lip gloss give you a matte finish with the use of some concealer on lips before applying the lip gloss.


6. Wear socks to sleep after using foot cream for an amazingly soft feet the next morning.


7. Don’t know where to apply your blusher? Try smiling and placing two fingers by your nose and then apply a few brush strokes on your cheeks.


8. Apply eyeliner first. Then layer your eyes with eye shadow for gorgeous, yet understated eyes.


9. Use an ice cube or cold water on your skin before you apply your makeup for it to last longer.


10. Twist your semi-wet hair and put it up with a buckle for a while. Set loose and finger comb your hair for gorgeous and natural waves.

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